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The decision to have a baby is one of the most important decisions made in life. Finding the best egg or sperm donor to make that dream come true is just as important.
We want to help you, we want to be part of your wonderful life project.


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Finding an ovocite or sperm donor which you see yourself reflected in using traditional techniques can be an impossible task for you.





FenoMatch allows you to find the donor you need, through its cutting-edge technology that allows facial recognition of donors and compares them with you. We want to shed some light on your search!

Traditionally, fertility clinics search for a donor in their egg/sperm bank that meets certain scientific criteria (quality and quantity) and phenotype (hair colour, ethnicity, eye colour...). 

With Fenomatch, fertility clinics can deepen the selection. Out of all the candidates who meet the basic criteria, they can select the one that most resembles you. Donors are sorted by facial resemblance in a few seconds. Fenomatch studies more than 12,000 facial points, to determine with a score of 1 to 100 the degree of similarity with you. After that, the clinic classifies the candidate donors to offer you the most similar ones.

Does that mean that FenoMatch is the main criteria for the donor selection?

NO!. The most important thing is the guidance of the biologists and doctors assigned to your case.
Their professional judgment is based on the most important aspect of the process: that you have a healthy baby.

FenoMatch offers an additional possibility: that you can choose the donor that most resembles you from among all those preselected by the medical team.