Fenomatch Platform is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform for fertility clinics and banks. With it, fertility centers can choose the most suitable donor for each patient and improve the selection process at all levels. 

Our platform ALL IN ONE allows you to find the right donor through phenotypic, genetic and biometric comparison. Also, it provides a management system for the donor database as well as a continuous encrypted connection with other assisted reproduction centers. The more the number of donors, the better the selection for the patient.

Fenomatch provides extra security, decreasing the human error and helping automating the selection process by establishing an intern protocol for such donor selection.


Fenomatch is the best tool for the best medical team. With Fenomatch, the fertility centers can find the most suitable donor with an all-levels compatibility. Thanks to this, the patient experience is improved, decreasing the doubts and stress that exist during the fertility treatment. 

Patients will be delighted with this new donor selection process and with such innovative and exclusive services.

Our commitment is with innovation in the Fertility field. Since 2020 we have had the INNOVATIVE SME seal, a certification granted by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and which reflects that at Fenomatch we have carried out activities in Research, Development and Technological Innovation (R&D&i)



Patients are our absolute priority so when we founded NewLifeBank we wanted to be at the forefront to give them the best service. This is why we have Fenomatch for donor selection and we are very proud to be the first bank in Latin America using this technology.

Giuliana Baccino

NewLifeBank - Gamete Bank

Technology is always evolving in the Assisted Reproductive Technology space and to have Fenomatch compliment the donor selection process offers another layer to a patient's fertility journey, it's adding great value to patients.

Ella Mannix

All About Fertility Podcast

One of the main concerns that our patients have is the importance of phenotypic resemblance in donor selection. Fenomatch is a useful tool offering security and peace of mind for the women included in our egg donation program.

Luis Quintero

Next Fertility Valencia Medical Director

Fenomatch offers a sense of security and peace of mind for patients who are taking one of the most important decisions of their lives. Their technology is a great ally when it comes to choosing a donor.

Helena Fernández

Asociación Red Nacional Red Infértiles

By using Fenomatch, we've managed to make donor selection a less stressful process for our future parents. At our clinic, the peace of mind of our patients is something we value greatly.

Mireia Poveda

Embryologist. UR international

When we say, the clinic uses Fenomatch, our patients are happy. It is seen as a seal of approval that the clinic takes donor matching very seriously.

Andrew Coutts

Founder of the International Fertility Company

When they told us that we'd have to use an egg from another person, it was difficult to process. But the fact that our clinic worked with Fenomatch helped us feel calmer and more confident, because we knew they would choose the best possible donor.



Fenomatch is always taking care of the patients, keeping up to date with the latest news, studies, etc. The fact that my centre works with their technology makes me feel great.

Mª Ángeles


When science is in the hands of people who truly care about the patient experience, magic happens. Starting fertility treatment when you have Fenomatch means that everything is easier, and it gives you a sense of confidence and well-being, even though assisted reproduction can be a tsunami of emotions.

Marian Cisterna

Founder Grupo de apoyo Hello

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Fenomatch allows fertility clinics to filter potential donors by biometric resemblance to the patient.

Aside from the usual metrics (eye color, hair color, and ethnicity) our platform also include facial phenotype. It´s that simple! 

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  • icono donante

    BIOMETRIC filter

    Helps to have a donor with the greatest facial resemblance to the patient

  • icono tecnología

    GENETIC filter

    Helps to discard any potential genetic diseases through what it is called carrier tests.

  • icono clinicas

    PHENOTYPIC filter

    Helps to select a donor with similar phenotypic characteristics to the patient (ethnicity, hair and eye color, body type, etc.)

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