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A scientific Tool for people working in the fertility industry

The Fenomatch Platform helps you to efficiently and securely find the donor that’s right for each patient. Patient information that is shared with Fenomatch is encrypted and destroyed after the process is complete. We do not use the data for any other purpose than biometric comparison. We comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, and we have annual external audits that guarantee that our systems, protocols, and the Fenomatch platform meet the highest possible standard for security.

Find the right donor for your patient

Our algorithm studies over 12,000 biometric measurements from each donor. This allows us to determine the degree of facial resemblance between the patient and the compatible donors. Once you have the results of the fenomatch, you can talk to your patients about the donation that’s right for them.

Fenomatch can improve the management of your donor department by making it faster, more secure, and more efficient.

The only thing that the platform needs is a photo of your patient’s face. It’s intuitive, simple, and efficient. 

Reduces the psychological impact on the patient

Fenomatch is a tool which helps deal with one of the biggest concerns that patients have: “Will my baby look like me?”With Fenomatch, your patient can be certain that the donor selection process is as rigorous, objective, and scientific as possible. 

A scientific and objective approach to the donor selection process

Our secure platform allows your medical team to apply scientific and objective criteria to the donor selection process. It's something your patients will thank you for.


In order to use fenomatch, your clinic or donor bank needs:

  • A photograph of each donor's face.
  • An internet connection.

And that's it!