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mi hijo ¿se parecerá a mi?

We want to create a space where parents (and parents to be!) can feel positive about assisted reproduction.

We do this by helping those who are going through the donor selection process and providing a tool which lets each family make the choice that's right for them.

Choosing to have a donor-conceived child is not easy. We are here to help

An algorithm for donor selection that works on facial resemblance between patient and donor

Our algorithm studies over 12.000 biometric measurements from each donor. This allow us to determine the degree of facial resemblance between the patient and the compatible donors.

Once you have the results of the Fenomatch you can talk to your patients about the donor that's right for them.

Our secure platform allows your medical team to apply scientific and objective criteria to the donor selection process. It´s something your patients will thank you for.

Fenomatch is here to help medical professionals search for donors.

Your doctor must use his or her own criteria alongside our platform, to find a donor that can provide your family with a healthy happy baby.

What´s unique about our platform is the ability to filter donors based on facial resemblance.This means your baby more likely to look like you. Fenomatch must never be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional.


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We believe that our cutting-edge technology should be available to everyone.

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