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This is one of the most commonly asked questions by parents who are going through the donor selection process.

The way each person looks largely depends on the genes they receive from their biological parents. And when a child is conceived with help from an egg or sperm donor, 50% of the genetic material they receive comes from the donor. For that reason, it’s common to filter donors by eye color, hair color, and ethnicity: in order to make sure that the selected donor looks similar to the parents.

Fenomatch goes beyond the industry standard criteria and allows doctors to find donors who have a facial resemblance to their patients, using a matching algorithm that compares the faces of the potential donors to that of the mother or father. What does this mean? With Fenomatch, your donor-conceived baby is more likely to look like you.

WILL I BE HAPPY my selected donor without fenomatch?

Of course. Fenomatch is a complementary tool for the donor selection process. But donor-conceived babies are welcomed into the world every day, and they bring joy to their parents, regardless of the tools used in the donor selection process.


Obviously, patients tend to have strong feelings about the donor selection process. But it’s the medical team who make the final decision, based on the probability of success of the donation and the health of the baby (as well as the health of the mother or surrogate, of course). Fenomatch is a tool for doctors to use, but there are many other aspects that must be considered for a donation to take place, like genetic carrier tests.

WILL IT HAVE the same personality as me?

It doesn’t really work like that. Personality is something that develops as we grow, and our genetics are only a small part of that. 

Which CLINIC OR BANK should i get in touch with?

We’re already working with some of the biggest fertility clinics and donation banks in the world. So choose the clinic or donation bank that you feel most comfortable with. If they aren’t working with Fenomatch already, ask them to get in touch with us, and we will make our service available for use within 24 hours.

how does fenomatch work?

We use a facial matching tool to compare over 12,000 data points from photos of donors. We focus on inheritable characteristics, like the shape of the face and the relative sizes and positions of the facial features.

Want to try Fenomatch ? We’ve created some tests that demonstrate how Fenomatch works.


Fenomatch is a tool for medical professionals. Ask your doctor if you’re interested in using Fenomatch, and if the clinic you’re using doesn’t already have access to our services, we can make them available within 24 hours.

Can I access a wider range of donors with fenomatch?

No. The clinics (and the sperm/egg banks) that we work with have their own donor databases. Fenomatch gives them additional search criteria to help improve the resemblance between donor and patient.

ARE MY personal details secure?

Yes. We comply with all relevant legislation in terms of data protection. Photographs are encrypted (just like a password) and destroyed immediately after being processed. The results that are sent back are also encrypted, meaning only your doctor can see them. We do not use your data for any other purpose than facial matching.