A publication reflects the difference between Facial Matching and Facial Recognition


Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad

At Fenomatch we are absolutely devoted to science; Our Fenomatch Platform has behind it not only a lot of work but also plenty of research. At the beginning of its development, one of the first things we had to decide was which technology we should use to select the best donor. The conclusion of our research was that we should focus on facial matching as it was revealed that facial recognition techniques were not useful for these purposes.

Recently, the prestigious Ibero-American Fertility Magazine has published a scientific article developed by Dr. Francho Meléndez, specialist in bioinformatics, the embryologist Sergio González and our scientific director Luis Arenaz in which the different approaches to solving the problem of donor selection are explained. The article points out the differences between facial matching and facial recognition, why the latter technique is not efficient for donor selection and the importance of using a tool developed specifically for this task.

We can categorically affirm that thus far the only tool that uses facial matching for donor selection and that has also been specifically developed for the world of fertility is Fenomatch.

The full article in Spanish can be found here. We also provide a complete English translation for those who do not speak Spanish. Find it here

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Our PhD Francho Melendez and our embryologist Sergio Gonzalez have published a new scientific article