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The final analysis for IVF clinics that want to be at the forefront of technology.

We provide a final criterion for the selection of donors.

Once a group of suitable donors has been selected, Fenomatch helps you decide which one is most similar to the patient.

With Fenomatch, fertility clinics can deepen the selection of the ideal donor from among the optimal individuals by following medical and biologic criteria.

Among all the candidates that meet all the traditional criteria, Fenomatch allows selecting the one that most resembles the patient. Donors are sorted out by facial resemblance in a few seconds.

Any assisted reproduction clinic can use our FenoMatch service.

The service can be active in
24 hours.


Requirements for the use of FenoMatch: 

To have one or more donor banks that have the following information for each donor:

  • Photograph of the donor's face.
  • Phenotype data (eye colour, hair colour, etc. ...).
  • To have an internet connection.