Put Fenomatch to the test

Want to know how Fenomatch works? We've created some tests that demonstrate how our matching algorithm functions. Why not give them a try? 

Imagen juego trilero

Find my sibling

Our algorithm identifies facial characteristics which are passed on genetically. That means we're good at identifying brothers and sisters!

In this test we're going to compare a photograph of yourself to three other photographs: one photo of your sibling and two photos of people who aren´t from your family. Fenomatch will tell you which photo shows your family member. Magic, right?

Find my sibling!

Imagen juego padres

Do I look more like my mum or dad?

Upload a photo of yourself, along with photos of your mum and dad.

Fenomatch's algorithm will tell you who you look most similar to.


Who do I look like more?



Fenomatch compares over 12,000 biometric measurements to determine the degree of resemblance between two faces. These biometrics measurements are based on our phenotype: the physical manifestation of our genes, which are inherited from our parents. That's why our algorithm can easily identify members of the same family.