Fenomatch uses advanced BigData algorithms that allow a response from multiple data sources: analysis results, facil points of similarity, phenotype map...

The BigData technology of Fenomatch implies a great infrastructure of data processing, and the development of algorithms for more than two years to offer an optimal response in time and in coincidence.

FenoMatch Score is an algorithm that allows you to sort out people according to their similar resemblances, adapting the scale depending on ethnicity, skin colour, etc... The Fenomatch Score ranges from 1 (looks nothing alike) to 100 (it is considered that they are the same person or a twin brother).

Big Data, What is it? What is it for?

With Fenomatch's Big Data infrastructure we make it feasible to analyse millions of data per second.

We can compare two faces and obtain an objective and comparable measurement of how much they resemble, and afterwards, translate it into an objective scale we call Fenomatch Score.

Fenomatch Score

The Fenomatch Score assigns to each comparison a measurement from 1 to 100, where 1 means that it looks nothing alike and 100 that it's the same person or a twin.
If we compare the score of all the available pairs of images... voilà!, we obtain the donor that looks most like you.

With Big Data techniques, we can also compare the results of genetic tests of hereditary diseases, knowing for certain diseases if the donor-patient conjunction has a high or low transmission risk. This can be done automatically to eliminate some donors initially, so the doctor or biologist already have a final list of optimal donors for your case.

To test the power and reliability of the FenoMatch system we have created identification games.

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